Install Instructions Help

2 ways to install the tools.

If you wish to upload the tool manually instead of using the Shadow Software Windows Installer please click HERE for PDF instructions. 

Follow these instructions to use the Shadow Software Installer. (recommended)

  1. The Downloaded tool is a self extracting ACE EXE.  Just double click on the tool and follow the instructions.
    The ACE file will contain 5 objects.  FileName.txt, Install_AS400.exe, Shadowlogo.jpg, installhelp.htm, and a file with a .SAVF extension.  This will be placed in the default folder c:\temp.  

  2. Once Un-ACEd you will be asked if you wish to launch Install_AS400.exe.  If your AS/400(iSeries) is attached to your PC by TCP/IP we recommend that you say Yes.  Below is the window that will appear.
    Please note that the save file(.SAVF) uploaded to the AS/400 will be deleted and only the program tools will remain.

  3. Once Upload Utility button is pressed you will see a dos box open showing the upload of the tools.

  4. Upon completion press the OK Button and the Install window will close. 

  5. Note:  If you upload to the same LIB with old tool version your License data will not be lost.  

  6. Note:  After upload is complete type GO UPLOAD_LIB/CMDSHADOW at a AS/400 command line to get to the Shadow Software Menu.

AS/400 Name or IP Address:  This is the name stored in your Hosts table file or the TCP/IP IP address of the AS/400. (Example:

UserID: This should be your AS/400 User id.  Minimum authority requirements are *ALLOBJ (all object).

Password: This should be your AS/400 User id password; it will not be displayed. 

Upload Library: This is the library were the tool(s) will be placed.  QGPL is the default library. 

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